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H4 EAD litigation

Mr. Dubey helped me when I was truly stuck and had exhausted all my other options. Three things really stood out to me. The first was his transparency. From the get go, he was really clear on what he could help me with, so there were no surprises for me at the end. And he followed through on his word with the utmost efficiency. The second was communication. One of the most challenging things while dealing with immigration-related issues is the lack of communication from counter-parties. Mr. Dubey was always very quick to reply to any of my queries, and nothing seemed too trivial to ask about, because he understood my situation and was patient when explaining all the nuances in a simple and concise manner. Third was his speed, he did his utmost to speed up the very slow process, and was successful in sorting out the issue within a month's time, which was so much faster than I expected. I highly recommend his services, because of the above, and was very happy that I asked for his help.

– Anonymous

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