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Prashant is the best!

Working with Prashant on my family's EB1A applications was a truly positive experience. He's well-versed in immigration laws and provides clear, effective advice and steps to follow. Prashant skillfully reviewed our profiles, pinpointed areas that needed improvement, and suggested practical actions to enhance our application's success chances. He made the application process feel effortless, guiding us through multiple drafts and paperwork with patience and without any complaints about the necessary revisions. His proactive approach in communicating with reviewers, submitting drafts, and leading the process made us feel supported throughout. Having Prashant by our side was reassuring; his deep understanding of the field instilled confidence in us during a process known for its complexity. Thanks to Prashant, navigating the challenges of USCIS and immigration became manageable and less daunting. A huge thank you to Prashant for his dedication and support!

– Anonymous

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