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H1B placed in 221G Administrative processing

I am very happy with Prashant representing me in my immigration filing and feel is one of the best lawyers. He is very quick and always responsive to any questions during my difficult time. I went to India to visit my family during this time I had to go for an H1B Visa stamping and was kept in 221G Administrative processing for an indefinite time. I waited for 60 days and had no update regarding my case from the consulate. I was separated from my family during this time and reached out to the consulate with emails every 2 weeks, and reached out to congresswomen no response from any of the channels, Then Prasanth filed a Writ of Mandamus and within 8 days got an email from the consulate to submit my passport for further processing and my Visa got Approved and Issued in 2 weeks. I strongly recommend using his law firm for any immigration-related support.


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