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H4 EAD Litigation

I applied for EAD in December 2021, first time, stand alone. With all the delays in EAD processing that I came to know from the fellow EAD applicants I was worried my application might also take 12-15 months to get approved. I was going through a very stressful situation of having the need to support my family and kids' education, day care fees, home mortgage etc. and not being able to find a job. Then I heard about litigation and after days of research I came to the conclusion that Prashant Dubey' s law firm has the most experience and success rate in this area. Prashant was very patient with all our questions and clarified all our doubts and fears (whether it might affect future GC processing). I am so happy that I made the decision to file litigation through Prashant. Got my EAD approval after 32 days from filing litigation, that is in 5.5 months after EAD application.

– J

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