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Prashant Dubey

Attorney Profile

Mr. Prashant Rajendra Dubey is an attorney offering legal services in Business & Tax and Immigration law matters.  His family is settled in Richmond, VA, while he maintains his residence and law practice in Washington, D.C.  Mr. Dubey has been practicing Immigration Law for 5 years, with significant experience in family- and employment- based immigration, as well as extensive expertise with Federal Immigration Litigation over delayed immigration benefits. In 2023, Dubey Law Office, PLLC was recognized as a Top 10 Immigration Law Firm by Silicon India.

Areas of Practice     

  • Business & Tax
    • Entity Formation 
    • Contracts
    • Mergers & Acquisitions 
    • Financial Modeling
    • Business Tax Law
    • International Tax
  • Immigration law
    • Family-Based Visas
    • Employment-Based Visas
    • Business Investor Visas
    • Federal Immigration Litigation (i.e., Writ of Mandamus)

Bar Admission

  • Washington, D.C.

U.S. District Court Admission

  • U.S. District Court of Washington, DC
  • U.S. District Court of Nebraska


  • David A. Clarke School of Law, 2014
  • University of Richmond, 2010

Recent Blog Posts


  • H4 EAD Litigation Success Story

    I've been waiting for my H4 EAD card for 10+ months and was extremely stressed about it. After doing extensive research on how to get the case approved, I contacted Attorney Dubey for his legal support on this matter. I truly appreciate his expertise and patience in explaining the process, answer...
  • N400 Interview results delay

    I highly recommend Prashant - he was the best choice for representing me in my USCIS case. After my naturalization interview, I waited six months for a decision from USCIS. I tried various ways to get help, like calling, sending letters, and reaching out to my congressman, but nothing worked. I f...
  • Got my EAD card in less than a month.

    I had a fantastic experience with the attorney! Their service was exceptional, and thanks to their expertise, I received my H4 EAD in less than a month. I highly recommend their services for anyone dealing with immigration matters. They truly know how to get things done efficiently and effectivel...
  • JS Recommends Prashant Dubey

    I highly recommend Prashant for immigration related legal counsel. He is highly informative and dedicated to helping his clients. He assisted us in securing a visitor visa interview for my in-laws, and walked us through the process every step of the way until it was approved.
  • Prashanth is awesome

    Prashanth was the attorney for my in laws green card processing. He is very responsive and takes responsibility for the work. We had some challenges with the process. He got in touch with USCIS, worked through the system to get the process done . He responds to text or email very quickly. He is v...
  • Green Card Approval - EB1A

    Prashant was a really Awesome person to work with . He was always responsive and was available to answer any questions that i had . He would always respond to my calls / chats and keep me updated continuously . I truely recommend using his law firm for any immigration topics . Prashnat have done ...
  • I290B success story

    Prashant provided exceptional legal assistance during my immigration case. His expertise, clear communication, and proactive approach were crucial in securing a positive outcome. I highly recommend his services to anyone in need of a dedicated and skilled immigration attorney.
  • Great Attorney

    I am extremely grateful for the outstanding legal support provided by Prashant during our challenging immigration case. His expertise and dedication were instrumental in guiding my family through the complex process with unwavering commitment. From the initial consultation to the final resolution...
  • Return of peace of mind!

    Prashant came as highly recommended from a social media common interest forum, and he lived up to the standard. When I was demotivated and misguided by people I trusted, Prashant came as a blessing. He listed carefully to my immigration story, carefully balanced between pros and cons and guided m...
  • Helpful and Approachable

    I am on L1 visa. There was inordinate delay in L2 EAD renewal. Since it was impacting my spouse's career, I reached out to Prashant. Prashant is very understandable and knowledgeable. He understood out situation and made me understand the process and gave me options. In all this chaos, what stood...
  • Very Helpful

    I have fallen into some immigration issues and I didn't have any idea what was it even though there was nothing done by me. Mr. Prashant has assisted me in a great way and helped me solve my issue and clear it up. I would thank him for his patience and quick turn arounds he used to do when workin...
  • Small business From scratch

    I started a small business about 6 months ago. Prashant was absolutely amazing in his knowledge, pointing our nitty gritty details in our structure, Do's and Don'ts, provided further controls, litigation related language for our MSAs and ensured all our questions were answered in great detail. I ...
  • An absolute Gem

    Caring,honest and knowledgeable, that's what Prashant is. I was in deep predicament due to job loss and employer not allowing me to join after approving H1b, and Prashant gave me legal advice twice on phone, and through email, which helped me get the job. I also wanted to extend my wife's H4 stat...
  • JP Nugala Recommends Prashant Dubey

    Prashant Dubey is a very knowledgable attorney who goes the extra mile to help his clients. Very quick responses and is patient with any questions one might have and explains everything in detail. Has been a pleasure to use his services.
  • Recommendation: Practical, Timely and Informed Advice Given

    Prashant Dubey provided practical, timely, and informed advice based on my specific situation. This is crucial because it provided me the guidance of what I need to do, and according to what timeline, to ensure that I can maintain my legal status in this country. Thank You Prashant Dubey!!
  • Unimaginable Experience and Support!!

    Prashant is the most humble and professional attorney I have met till date. The kind of knowledge he possesses and the support he provides throughout is just commendable!! High regards for him and 1000% recommended without any questions. Thanks, Prashant for all your guidance and support!!
  • Clear and Professional

    I had a chance to work with Prashant on a legal assistance for my visa expedition and approach Ombudsman. The way he explained the process and the communication he had with Ombudsman office was excellent. I would recommend Prashant for any legal matters.
  • Honest, best and perfect response to my questions

    Prashant sir has great knowledge of his field and has been really helpful with all immigration related questions, very responsive, worked like a friend, guiding through the whole process transparently, proving most honest response. He's the best and I will highly recommend for anyone in need.
  • One of the best immigration attorney

    I would highly recommend Prashant for any immigration related services. Few months back I reached Prashant for one immigration related problem. Understanding the time criticality he prepared and represented my case very efficiently which helped in solving my problem in very short amount of time. ...
  • Nandini Bhatta Recommends Prashant Dubey

    I had a very good experience using Prashant's legal services.I continue to consult him and seek his services for all my legal matters. Very helpful.always reachable
  • Excellent Knowledge and Very Smart to Understand the Situation

    I Highly Recommend Prashant, I got the opportunity to talk to him and took his service. He is very smart and easy to discuss any complex case. Best thing, He knows all the Ins and Outs about Immigration Law. His Legal Advice is very honest and in the right direction. I found him very supportive a...
  • Easy handling of H4 visa and EAD

    It is my first experience of approaching a lawyer in United States for H4 Visa and EAD issues. I am 100% satisfied and feel happy that I contacted the right lawyer to resolve my issues. The way of handling and talking to USCIS on my behalf was exceptional.
  • Friendly & Patient

    Attorney Dubey looks into your immigration concerns very seriously and takes his time to explain to ease your concerns. Very knowledgeable. What I like in Attorney Dubey are: 1. He listens to your cocerns very patiently even it meant if he has to go beyond alloted time limit. 2. He is very thorou...
  • Diligent, Punctual, & Organized

    Prashant helped me review a business contract and made appropriate recommendation. In his professional capacity I found him to be diligent, approachable, organized and punctual. He patiently explained all the suggested changes and got back with me in timely manner. I would highly recommend him to...
  • Professional, Courteous and Diligent Attorney - Highly Recommended

    I had hired Prashant for our US citizenship Application in 2019 and found him to be a thorough and knowledgeable professional in providing his legal recommendations. He went above and beyond the scope of services that I had originally approached him for and was focused on submitting the best poss...
  • Friendly, Diligent, Courteous, Smart and Knowledgeable

    Prashant is a great professional with depth of knowledge in his field. He is smart enough to understand your situation quickly and give his valuable suggestion. He is very patient, friendly and diligent. One will get comfortable with him at the first meeting. Keep up the good work man... * HIGHLY...
  • Rohan B. Sharma Recommends Prashant Dubey

    One of the most supporting and result oriented firm with high success rate. Don't miss the opportunity to succeed.
  • Better Call Prashant Dubey!!

    Attorney Dubey is a true professional, very well organized and knowledgeable immigration attorney. We were really impressed with our first consultation call, especially with the level of patience in listening and clarity of the responses we got. He did an excellent job in handling my case and we ...
  • Insightful and articulate

    Covid-19, followed by the H1b visa ban, presented some challenges for me to travel back to the U.S.A. As the restrictions were starting to ease, I happened to come across one of the webinars hosted by Prashant Dubey on Facebook. He seemed empathetic about the current circumstances and very knowle...
  • RRC Recommends Prashant Dubey

    Prashant is an absolute brilliant immigration attorney. His legal knowledge, dedication and attention to details are very commendable. The best part of dealing with him is his ability to reply promptly over email. I was glad that I did reach out to him for immigration and litigation help. I would...
  • AC recommends Prashant

    I strongly recommend Prashant. I was waiting for my H4 ead approval for more than 5 months. I had filed numerous expedite requests personally and through senator. Nothing worked. Ultimately connected with Prashant and filed a law suit and within days got my EAd card. Prashant was really considera...
  • Highly Recommended - Call him ASAP

    Prashant was an absolute life saver when it came to resolving my H4 EAD delays. He was very patient with me, answered all my queries, and helped me navigate the complex intricacies of immigration legalese with ease. He was extremely prompt and went the extra way to include my petition in the firs...
  • Best attorney experience!

    I had availed the services of Prashant Dubey and his law firm for filing a litigation on delayed H4 EAD approvals. Not only was he extremely responsive and thorough in his work, he had promised the EAD approval within the 60 day period. I'm extremely thankful and happy to say that I have received...
  • H4 EAD Delay Litigation

    I raised 4 sr and 4 expedite request to uscis. Reached out to senator and also ombudsman. None of that helped me to get my EAD before expiry. Finally i came to know about Prasant and reached out to him . He explained the litigation process in detail and applied with in a week from the first call ...
  • Professionalism

    Prashant was willing to answer even my basic questions and helped me through the whole process of a successful H4 EAD litigation . His response via email and phone is so prompt so that I never felt a gap in his communications. I highly recommend him!! Thank You Prashant for your support
  • Always reach out to Prashant

    Litigation is never an easy choice and usually the last one. However we are glad that we reached out to Prashant regarding processing delays for our I539 and I765. Prashant is quite knowledgeable, easy to talk to and always to the point. The most unique attribute that he possesses is that he is v...
  • H4 EAD litigation

    I will recommend Prashant Dubey. My EAD got approved within 20 days of filing litigation. And he is available through emails and messages and very responsive.
  • Honest Attorney

    We had filed a litigation for H4EAD as it was in processing for 6 months and USCIS was just acting in bad faith. Approached Prashant Dubey to represent us for the litigation and all we can tell is Prashant, Thank you so much from bottom of our hearts and we mean it. We were stressed and had to qu...
  • Excellent lawywer

    He filed h4 ead ligation and we got result in 10 days .Prashant is very patient in providing answers for each questions and he is very expert in applying any usicis application .we recommend him for H4 litigation and other uscis applications
  • YQ Recommends Prashant Dubey

      Thank you Prashant and Brian so much for the successful litigation on my H4 EAD. 2020 was a tough year for me as my job was negatively impacted by pending H4, I believe a lot of people like me suffered or still are suffering from this. Thanks for your help, my EAD was approved faster than I ...
  • H4 litigation

    Hello I have filled H4 litigation with Prashant. He kept all communications and process very transparency. Whenever I had doubts he resolved same day. Highly professional and process. I definitely recommend his service for litigation.

    My H4 and EAD application got approved within 2 weeks after filling litigation. It is faster than I expected. Thanks Prashant for saving my job :)
  • Expedite approval of H4 EAD visa

    I worked with Prashant Dubey over a couple of months to help speed up my visa approval. He broke down the the entire litigation process into a few simple steps and was prompt and clear in his communication throughout. I also truly appreciate the time he took to conduct a FREE webinar and field al...
  • Highly recommended - Amazing experience

    Prashant helped me in H4 EAD renewal since USCIS was taking a long time to process the renewal. I had waited for around 5 months without any response from USCIS and had exhausted all other avenues for expediting the case. Prashant worked tirelessly to get my EAD renewal done in the time frame he ...
  • VM Recommends Prashant Dubey

    I approached Prashant through a post on Facebook.. I applied my h4 extension in July 2020 and ead expired on Nov 30th. I had to resign my job and had to stay at home. Then I spoke to Prashant and explained the issue.. The process began in January, in feb I had to leave to India for vacation and s...
  • DJ Recommends Prashant Dubey

    Great services by Prashant. He is honest, straightforward and very helpful. Whenever we need any guidance he was always there to answer our questions. His involvement and efforts in the case were commendable . I highly recommend his services .
  • Recommend him 100%

    I'm glad that I found Prashant when I had to file litigation for my H4EAD. Starting from the first web meeting until the end, he has been so prompt and always explained any questions I had. His response time had always been within 1-2 hours. I would always recommend him to my friends and family.

    I had the pleasure of working with Prashant for my H4-EAD delay and I have to say that the whole experience was very impressive. Starting from the very informative web session to timely communication I was very happy with the attention to detail and how promptly Prashant kept me updated on my cas...
  • H4 and H4 EAD approved in 2 weeks

    I've had a wonderful experience with Prashant. He is very knowledgeable and experienced in handling cases similar to mine . I also like how approachable he is . I had been waiting for the adjudication of my I-539 and I-765 petitions for 10 months. A friend recommended Prashant Dubey to me. I cont...
  • EB1 Approval

    Prashant is a very knowledgeable attorney and a very compassionate person. These qualities made him a great advocate and guide through our immigration process. I highly recommend Prashant to anybody who is looking for legal advice on their immigration case.
  • Fast and Efficient

    My i765/i131 application with USCIS was stuck for many months without any notification or progress. The applications were beyond their usual processing times, and there was no progress even after many attempts to expedite my case. The Mandamus litigation filed by Prashant Dubey provided to be ver...
  • I-485 Preparation

    I would highly recommend Prashant for any immigration related services. He would treat your case as his own case and also he is responsive, professional, does the things on time, if you have any questions he is just a phone call away any time be it after hours or week ends or holidays.
  • H4 and H4 Ead

    I filed H4 and H4 EAD lawsuit through Prashant Dubey. I got approval in about 45 days. He was very transparent about the process and set clear expectations. Was very quick in his responses.
  • I-485 Adjustment of Status

    I am glad I found Prashant to file my Adjustment of status. He is very friendly, patient to listen and easy to work with. Before him had few conversation with other attorneys but found them very impatient. Prashant is nice, genuine and delightful to deal with.
  • I485 Adjustment of Status

    Prashant is Very professional, knowledgeable, Proactive and very attentive to all the details. We had to apply our Adjustment of status in a very short timeframe. Prashant was very quick in responding all our questions and filed our petition quickly. He was always reachable whenever we had questi...
  • I-765 Litigation

    We are extremely happy about the entire process of standalone H4- EAD litigation with Prashant Dubey!! The case was approved within 1 week of filling litigation. This would have delayed for another 3-4 months if we haven't done for litigation at the right time. The way he started handling it from...
  • Most Professional Law Firm

    Prashant Dubey of Dubey Law Office represented me for my H4EAd lawsuit. He was most professional, took the time and effort to constantly keep me informed of the happenings and had an excellent knowledge and rapport of the entire situation. I would definitely go back to him for all my legal consul...
  • Yvonne Recommends Prashant Dubey

    I strongly recommend Prashant Dubey as an immigration attorney. He is professional, knowledgable and really care about his clients. What I like the most is the ease of communication with him. He normally replies my email within 1-2 hours, even in the evening and during weekends!
  • EAD Litigation

    Prashant is very open and honest. He is very responsive over email and phone calls. I raised multiple expedites with USCIS before filing the litigation and none of them worked. Glad that I came to know about Prashant and reached out to him. Prashant filed my EAD litigation in a week and I receive...
  • Highly Recommend Prashant

    Contacted Prashant about potential litigation for EAD delays. He setup a webinar and shared plenty of great information before charging any fee. This was unlike any other attorney I've worked with before. Very insightful! He will discuss your case 1:1 and inform you of any risks involved prior to...
  • I-485 Interview Preparation

    Prashant came highly recommended from one of our friends and he lived up to the expectations & more. We had hired Prashant for our I-485 interview preparations and general consultation regarding our immigration case. He was very thorough and precise regarding the timelines and when to expect reso...
  • Highly Recommend Prashant Dubey for any Immigration related work

    I came to know Prashant via friend and consulted him for an H1 related query first, he was quick to respond and provided answers to all my questions. After couple of years I hired his services for filing my and Wife's I485. He was again very quick to respond and created the application package in...
  • Great to work with and to get the job done

    I was lucky to find Prashant through a friend who also had a positive experience in working with him. My wife's H4 EAD was about to expire and filing a lawsuit was the only option left as all other tries had failed. Prashant was honest in setting the expectations from the start, was very responsi...
  • Pradeep G. Recommends Prashant Dubey

    I had a very long history of dealing immigration hurdles and meet lot of immigration lawyers in the process. I want to say that Prashant is a very thorough and competent professional who always has his clients interests in mind. He is very prompt in his response and never missed a scheduled meeti...
  • I765 EAD Approval

    I had applied for a standalone EAD and USCIS had kept the application pending for almost 10 months. I had contacted Prashant for help with the litigation. Prashant was really helpful and he made us understand the entire process. With Prashant's help, I was able to get the approval before my emplo...
  • H4 EAD Litigation

    I had raised couple of expedition requests to the USCIS for my H4 EAD, along with approaching the local Congressman's office for help, but unfortunately none of my efforts were fruitful. Luckily, I attended one of Prashant's webinars where he explained the litigation process briefly. Later, I con...
  • I-485 AOS Case Approval

    Prashant is a professional and extremely knowledgeable attorney, he knows his stuff. He was very confident that he would be able to get my I-485 AOS case approved and he got me an approval exactly as he promised. He accompanied us to the I-485 interview and made us very comfortable and helped us ...
  • APP Recommends Prashant Dubey

    It is my privilege to recommend Prashant Dubey, an excellent lawyer who helped us with expediting our H4 EAD process. We were facing a job loss situation and with a new baby getting the EAD by a certain date was crucial. Prashant worked his magic and almost saved our family's financial stability....
  • H4 and EAD

    Mr. Dubey is very responsive and has a personalized approach for every case. He took our case on short notice and worked on our case even on a weekend. He personally responds to texts (even on weekends) and to every single email. It was a great experience working with him and we are very satisfie...
  • Great and professional service

    Prashant did a great job at filing a litigation for my delayed H4 EAD approval. He has made the process very smooth, and he updates the clients regularly on the actions on the case. Should you face problems like delayed I-765, Prashant is the best option for litigation. We are happy with his work.
  • Standalone H4 EAD -LITIGATION

    Prashant is a very professional attorney and very responsive via emails and calls, we are very happy about the process of standalone H4 EAD litigation with Prashant Dubey!! we got our case approved within 2 days of filing litigation. We are very happy about everything and would definitely like to...
  • A Recommends Prashant Dubey

    I am very glad that I sought Prashant's help to file my EAD litigation. He heard me out patiently (free 1:1 advice for 30 minutes), gave me a very good view of pros and cons of filing a litigation specific to my case and created a very compelling story for me to present in the litigation. He is e...
  • EAD Litigation

    I would really recommend Prashanth dubey. He has been an wonderful help. He always responds immediately to emails/messages. I have only good things to say about him😊
  • H4EAD litigation

    They are so committed, quick in providing clear responses to our questions.
  • H4 EAD litigation

    Prashant helped me for H4 EAD Litigation.He was very responsive over email and has cleared all my doubts relating to visa, EAD ,timeline,form filling process.He used to provide his reply within 30min-1hr which is very impressive.I have received EAD approval during 1 month after filling litigation...
  • Highly Responsive, Knowledgeable & Professional

    Prashant helped for my Family Based I-485 filing. Throughout the entire process, he was always highly responsive and always available to answer any queries. He went out of his way to help me navigate through the process, right from the filing to the interview. He is highly organized, knowledgeabl...
  • Highly recommend Prashant Dubey

    It took over 7 months for my EAD application to get approved. It got approved the next day we filed a litigation with Dubey. Things didn't turn out to be expected. USPS lost the card and we never received it. We reached out to Dubey and he has helped us with reissue of the card. He is very profes...
  • Helped me with H4EAD approval

    I had been waiting for my H4 Ead approval for 7.5 months, after seeing no progress in my application, I contacted Prashant Dubey law firm and got EAD approval within 2 weeks! My case wasn't any exceptional case, but still got approval so quickly! Prashant was very helpful and was quick to respond...
  • H4/EAD delay litigation

    We feel very happy that we reached out to Prashant for help due to the processing delays with H4&Ead applications. Working with Prashant for filing litigation was easy, he clearly explained us the entire process. He took time and answered all of our questions during the entire process and it gave...
  • H4 delay litigation filing

    It was an amazing and transparent experience working with the attorney. I was getting prompt response from him and it was seamless throughout. I would greatly recommend working with him
  • H4-EAD delay litigation

    I am glad I decided to file my h4-EAD litigation with Prashant. He is very precise in his approach and believes in clearing any and every doubt as we go. He is very responsive. Prashant has a deep understanding of USCIS processes that's why he was able to give me a tentative timeline to expect my...
  • H4/EAD litigation approval

    Prashant Dubey handled my H4 and EAD litigation. He went above and beyond to get a response from the Government in a timely manner. He is very patient in explaining the process beforehand and gave a prompt response whenever I reached out to him. I highly recommend him for any such legal services.

    Mr Dubey represented me for my delayed h4/ead litigation. He has been really helpful with the entire process. He was very patient and responsive with all my questions and requests via call/text/email. He was very prompt with providing me regular updates on my petitions and went above and beyond b...

    Due to personal reasons and lack of knowledge I missed renewing my wife's and son's H4 dependent visa. Until I met Prasant, My mind is in total chaos, friends and new employers suggested my pregnant wife and son travel back to India to get fresh h4 stamping during this covid. I am very stressed a...
  • Thanks Prashant for resolving our immigration concern. Great experience.

    Prashant is very knowledgable, thorough professional and detail oriented. He helped resolving the immigration challenge we were facing. Great experience. Thanks so much, Prashant. I definitely recommend Prashant for any immigration related matters.
  • very friendly and helpful

    We felt it was much easier to talk to prashant and we also got a timely responses from him. He was transparent about charges and overall procedure and was also clear about till what time a person can get his entire/portion of money back (this is in case things resolve before you file lawsuit). He...
  • Chandra S. S. Recommends Prashant Dubey

    Prashant is Professional who understood my Situation and helped in filing my Case to get My Approvals on Time He has very good understanding of the Immigration Law Excellent Service on time Served my Need. I am Proud to recommend him Great Job Prashant the way to Go …
  • Couldn’t have found a better Attorney!

    I was facing a very long delay in my EAD adjudication and approached Prashant to represent us in our EAD delay litigation case. Prashant was very professional, responsive, sincere and diligent from the beginning till the end to get our EAD case approved. He responded promptly to every email we se...
  • SM Recommends Prashant Dubey

    Prashant Dubey, an attorney with Dubey law firms, demonstrated the breadth of his legal expertise and knowledge when I hired him to represent me in filing a lawsuit. He explained the legal process in a manner easily understood by a person like me.His legal expertise are evident in his interaction...
  • H4 EAD litigation

    USCIS didn't work on my H4 and H4 EAD for almost 8 months. After filing the litigation with Prashant, we started to see movement in my H4 and H4 EAD status within one week of filing. Prashant Dubey helped me to get my H4 EAD on time just few days prior to employment termination. He is very approa...
  • Really very happy with the Service

    I really can't thank Prashant enough for helping me out with the EAD renewal process and saving my hard earned job. It was really a terrible journey. I had no luck even after waiting for more than 10 months. I decided to file litigation when none of the options worked out. I raised 5 expedite req...
  • H4 EAD Mandamus

    We would highly recommend Prashant Dubey for filing mandamus suits to help get a response from federal agency in case of unusual processing delays. Our experience with the attorney was great, we got approval within the time frame suggested by the attorney. Communicating with Prashant Dubey is ver...
  • The Best

    Prashant did a terrific job in filing litigation for my H4 EAD delay case. He was prompt in replying to my queries(all/any) related to filing litigation and kept me informed in every step of the process. And because of his effectiveness, I got approval within 24 hours of filing litigation. He is ...
  • Professional and Open Communication

    Prashant Dubey responds promptly to all our questions and handles communication very professionally. Highly recommend the firm.
  • Very responsive and helpful

    I have consulted Prashant to file litigation for my H4 visa. I have waited for almost an year for my visa but after I filed the litigation with Prashant, the approval came in just a month. He is also very responsive and answered my queries very promptly. I would definitely recommend him.
  • Expert help when I needed it!

    I had reached out to Prashant as a last attempt to push my H4 EAD application that had been stuck in the USCIS pipeline for 12 months. He cleared all my questions during his webinar and gave a clear estimated timeline for resolution. He was proactive in getting together the required documents and...
  • Responsive and helpful

    Prashant helped us with our H4 EAD petition and delays. He was very clear in communicating the process, steps involved and set the expectations just right. He was very responsive whenever we had any questions. Overall we felt that our case was in the right hands and that someone was actually doin...
  • H4EAD Approval…

    I greatly recommend Prashant Dubey for his loyalty and hardworking nature in things getting done in the given time frame.
  • Prashant Services are quick and wonderful

    Prashant helped me with my H4 and H4 EAD litigation, I lost my job because of the H4-EAD expiration and delay from USCIS. After the litigation is filed by Prashant - within 6 weeks I have got my EAD approved and will be joining my job soon. He was prompt in the responses and answered all my quest...
  • A Big Thank You!!

    I highly recommend Mr. Prashant Dubey to get any kind of advice and help in matters related to immigration. He helped us a lot in resolving my spouse's H4 EAD delays. He is very knowledgeable and was always present to answer by queries and clear my doubts. This was the first time I contacted an a...
  • EAD litigation

    I reached out to Prashant in first of December 2021 for filing litigation for my delayed H4 and EAD approval. He was responsive and asked me to attend his webinar. After the webinar, he filed the litigation within a week taking all points into consideration. My case was pending since Texas due to...
  • H4 EAD litigation

    Mr. Dubey helped me when I was truly stuck and had exhausted all my other options. Three things really stood out to me. The first was his transparency. From the get go, he was really clear on what he could help me with, so there were no surprises for me at the end. And he followed through on his ...
  • Smooth and Fast

    Prashant is very quick in responding and the process is very smooth and fast. I would definitely recommend to use his services
  • Stress free H4 litigation filing

    Prashant was always quick to respond to any questions I had. He was very clear on the best timing and approach for my case to have a higher chance of success. I received my EAD within 3 weeks of my EAD expiry. As soon as he received information on my EAD status he updated me promptly. I would rec...
  • H4 EAD Litigation

    We filed H4 EAD litigation through Prashant and got EAD within 10-12 days after filing. The whole process was very smooth and Prashant helped at every step of the way. Thank you Prashant!!
  • Nice job

    I would recommend him. it is nice to work with him. He will answer patiently all questions and we get clarity on our decision. He is very much on time as he committed. follows proper process and guidelines.
  • H4 Approval

    We highly Recommend Prashant Dubey for expedited H4 EAD litigation filing. Mandamus lawsuit. He was always organized and share the process systematically with us. Normal processing was delayed for H4 beyond 6 months. My H4 was processing was approved within 2 weeks of filing. I had the support on...
  • Great experience in H4 and EAD approval process

    I got introduced to his services via Facebook and reach out to him to attend his webinar. The webinar was very informative. Prashant helped us in filing H4 and H4EAD litigation. The entire process and the communication was very smooth. He was readily available for any queries and set up clear exp...
  • H4 EAD Litigation

    I am happy to recommend Prashant as an immigration attorney. Immigration is a complex subject and you feel helpless and overwhelmed.I was in a situation where I was checking USCIS processing times as they grew longer and longer each day. I attended Prashant's zoom call and he laid out a solid cas...
  • Prashant Did a Great Job for me

    Prashant helped me to get my H4-EAD approved. I got my case approved within 60 days of filing the litigation and received my EAD and other documents five days after approval. His process was straightforward, and I finished all documentation from my side within 2 Hours. Prashant answered all my qu...
  • Highly recommend Prashant Dubey

    Prashant helped us file litigation for H4 EAD and was quick in getting the approval as promised. He was a true professional and knows his work well. He made the process very easy for us, we felt like a cake walk. We highly recommend to approach Prashant for any immigration related problems.
  • H4 EAD Litigation

    Prashant was able to help me get my employment authorization when I had already given up all hope. In a situation that was otherwise marked by hostility and a rising sense of powerlessness, he offered a rare glimpse of light.
  • Highly recommend for smooth & fast process

    I would recommend him for anyone who wants hassle free litigation filing. He was prompt in replying all my queries. I got my approval within 10 days of filing just on time before my employment termination.
  • I765 EAD Delay

    Really appreciate on his guidance and support throughout the process of filing litigation. I have got waited for 6 months and i had job offer pending to accept because of this. He explained everything in detail and understood my case specifically.
  • H4 EAD

    Prashant helped me to get my H4 EAD card on time , candidates are waiting around or over a year for their EAD. I heard about Prashant and filed Litigation for EAD through him. He is responsive and within the given timeline my EAD got approved. He told that within 30-60 days it will get approved, ...
  • EAD Expedite

    Indeed a great help with expediting my EAD. I was waiting for EAD for 6 months and once I started working with Prashant it just took 30 days to get my EAD approved. I am amazed by his responsiveness to all my queries and giving me hope each day. Thank you
  • Immigration

    Very responsive and helpful in all Immigration matters
  • My highest recommendation for immigration offerings/undertakings

    Myself and my-spouse worked with Prashant on a Mandamus H4-EAD lawsuit. He helped us get the case adjudicated within the stipulated timeline whilst also combining some of old/and new applications. We are glad having chosen this path with Prashant. He is extremely professional and realistic (never...
  • Prompt Response

    I would highly recommend Prashant Dubey for your immigration services. Prashant helped and worked on my green card application, also other immigration requests. He is exemplary lawyer. He uses his many contacts for the benefit of the clients. I believe Prashant will help you for all the immigrati...

    The seemingly endless waiting for my EAD card was exhausting. I am very glad that I reached out to Mr. Dubey to help with my case. He is a lifesaver! It took only 23 days to get my approval after litigation was filed. Mr. Dubey is very professional, patient and efficient! He was always ready to a...
  • H4 EAD Litigation

    I applied for EAD in December 2021, first time, stand alone. With all the delays in EAD processing that I came to know from the fellow EAD applicants I was worried my application might also take 12-15 months to get approved. I was going through a very stressful situation of having the need to sup...
  • H4 EAD Litigation

    I am very happy and would like to recommend Mr. Dubey. He is very professional and answered all my questions. Within 20 days I got my H4 and H4 EAD approval after litigation was filed. It was a very pleasure and highly satisfied experience. Thank You so much.
  • H4-EAD Litigation

    Prashant represented me for my H4-EAD litigation. He was able to get my case approved in five weeks. At the very beginning, Prashant gave me a clear understanding of the litigation process and the timelines involved. He was in constant touch with me during the process and was always available to ...
  • 485 EAD Litigation

    Prashant was excellent to work with. He was prompt and clear with all his communications. He made the process easy, and did an excellent job of outlining the complicated steps in a manner that I understood. I would highly recommend working with Prashant.
  • Issues related to H4 I94 extension (minor dependent)

    Hi All....recently i faced with a grave situation regarding I94 extension of my H4 dependent. Due to the descripency with I94 record and H4 stamp Validity, I thought my kid was having valid H4 status. Prashanth provided timely counseling/advise/guidance on how best to resolve the issue. Inspite o...
  • Litigation to approve H4 EAD

    I reached out to Prashant at a critical stage after waiting for my EAD for 8 long months. I was at the verge of losing my current job along with losing on a potential dream job offer. He was extremely upfront about all the data points, very responsive throughout the process and empathetic at the ...
  • Green Card Litigation

    Prashant is Very knowledgeable and professional attorney, he responded to all my questions very promptly. I will definitely recommend Prashant to all my friends.
  • Dedicated Service for AOS Litigations

    Prashant is an exceptionally dedicated attorney and helped my EB AOS litigation process and his frequent communication with clients is key for the trust. He gives us the best guidance on immigration and improved my confidence throughout the process. THANK YOU Prashant!!! Keep up the good work.
  • Good job on my H4EAD physical card

    I strongly recommend Mr Prashant Dubey for any EAD and immigration relation issues. I was struck with not receiving H4EAD Physical card after the approval for more than 2 months. Prashant took time to interact and guided us when the time we started the first conversation. He gave a clear explanat...
  • H4 EAD Litigation

    Received approvals within 18 days of filing the lawsuit through Prashant. He is very professional and provided quick response to any questions asked. The entire process was transparent and streamlined. Highly recommend him as an attorney.
  • H4 EAD Litigation

    Prashant is the best immigration lawyer I've ever met! He has great knowledge in the immigration area and is very responsible. My H4 EAD has been pending for over 7 months. I expedited by myself and asked for help from the congressman and the senator. But there was still no progress in my case. T...
  • H4 EAD Delay Litigation

    I contacted Prashant for litigation related to H4 EAD delay. As an immigrant, I had no idea of the law processing here, but Prashant was always there to guide me through various queries. He is always super prompt in responding. All my mails were always answered by him in less than an hour even on...
  • Recommendation for Litigation for Immigration Issues

    I highly recommend Prashant. He worked in my case very patiently and handled it very correctly. He saved me from my job loss. He had been very polite to me whenever I had any concerns I was able to connect with him either over phone or via SMS. If he promise something to you he tries his best to ...
  • H4 EAD Delay

    I reached out to Prashant for litigation related to my wife's first-time H4 EAD delay. He responded to our query immediately and cleared stated out our options. Our EAD which was waiting for more than 8+ months was approved within 3 weeks of raising the litigation. Prashant has been very professi...
  • Great Help with my H4 EAD Delay

    I contacted Prashant for help with my H4 EAD delay. It was a great experience and I highly recommended him. He was very quick to reply my inquiry and set up phone calls to know more about my situation. During the process, Prashant was very knowledgeable, honest, and professional. He guided me wit...
  • Result Oriented, Effective Communication, and Approachable

    We were stuck with our H4 and H4 ead approval for 7 months. We reached out to prashant to help us with the litigation process. He clearly communicated about the next steps, and the timelines once we file the lawsuit. He helped us get the ead within 4 weeks of filing the lawsuit. Efficacy of the l...
  • Immigration Case - H4 EAD Delay

    Prashant is clear, responds in a timely fashion, and very knowledgable about the entire process. Throughout the process he solved any queries that I had, was clear about timelines and expected fees, and followed through with timely updates on the status of the process.
  • Great help with H4 EAD litigation

    I was stuck with H4 EAD delay for more than 5 months. I reached out to Mr. Prashant Dubey for litigation help. He is very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. He kept me well informed about happenings with my case while waiting for the approval. I received my EAD card within a month of fi...
  • Obtain H4 and EAD approval within one month

    I can say Prashant is my lifesaver. He helped me get my H4 extension and EAD approval within one month, so I didn't have to lose my job. He was super patient and super fast to answer all my questions and emails. I would definitely recommend him if anyone is struggling with immigration issues.
  • H4 and H4EAD approvals

    I have applied for H4 and H4EAD and waited for more than 7 months. I tried different ways to get approval congress women, USCIS expedite nothing workout. Prashant helped me to get the approval through litigation with in 4 weeks. Prashant helped me understand every step in the litigation and respo...
  • EAD Litigation

    Prashant was a really great person to work with . He was always responsive and was available to answer any questions that i had . He would always respond to my calls / chats and keep me updated continuously . I truely recommend using his law firm if there is any delay in getting your EAD
  • H4 EAD Approvals

    We were waiting for H4 EAD approval for more than 6 months, reached out to Prashant to help us with H4 EAD litigation. He communicated clearly from the start regarding all the steps involved and the timeline. He was always responsive on email/chat and answered all my questions. The entire process...

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