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It's a fact that 90% or more of businesses fail within their first five years.  With the odds already stacked against you, don't risk the livelihood of your business due to cost cutting on legal advice.

The Dubey Law Office, PLLC provides on-going legal support to new & existing ventures, so that you can focus on running your business operations and providing excellent service to your customers & clients.

  • Entity Formation 
    • As a new business owner or if you are looking to begin the journey of entrepreneurship, there are important considerations to take into account in terms of structure & requirements.  Depending on which business entity you choose, there will be legal issues related to personal vs. business liability, regulatory compliance, & tax ramifications. Moreover, navigating the process of launching a business venture is a daunting task that is better done with legal counsel. 
  • Contracts
    • As a business owner, you will have to engage in a number of different contract agreements.  Whether they are leases, sales-related contracts, employment contracts, or general business contracts, the Dubey Law Office can assist you through the complexities of the agreements, while advising on their binding nature & long-term impacts.  It is important to seek legal advice to avoid unforeseen and unintended consequences.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • The sale of a business can be one of the most important financial decisions you make.  Dubey Law Office handles both the sell side & buy side transactions. 


Whether you are an individual or business facing a tax dispute with the Internal Revenue Service or D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue, legal counsel is important to navigate the complexities of tax law.  Moreover, an organization that is facing an IRS tax audit or deficiency, structuring the mechanics of a business transaction, or perhaps dealing with a payroll tax controversy, professional legal advice will be critical to avoid putting your business venture & reputation at risk.  The Dubey Law Office offers the following tax services listed below:

  • Business Tax  
    • IRS Civil Tax Audits 
    • IRS Administrative Appeals
    • Tax Penalty Relief
    • IRS Technical Service Requests
    • Private Letter Ruling Requests
    • IRS Collection Matters such as liens, levies & seizures 
    • Employment Tax Issues 
    • Partnership Taxation
  • International Tax
    • U.S. citizens living or working abroad
    • U.S. citizens with foreign income
    • U.S. taxpayers with international trusts
    • U.S. businesses with foreign-based operations
    • International businesses with U.S. taxation liabilities
    • Entertainers with worldwide income
    • Expatriates

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